Smart Growth // as of 2018-08-17

ETF Data
Ticker FFSG
Primary Exchange BATS
CUSIP 66538H567
Inception Date 10/31/2017
Net Assets $ 31,472,741.21
Shares Outstanding 1,175,000
Expense Ratio 0.71%
NAV $ 26.79
Daily Change $ 0.15
Market Price $ 26.79
Daily Change $ 0.15
Premium Discount $ 0.000

Quarter End Performance History // as of 2018-06-30

NAV Market Price
1 Month 0.08 0.19
3 Month 2.61 2.69
6 Month 1.78 1.89
1 Year N/A N/A
QTD 2.61 2.69
YTD 1.78 1.89
Since Inception 5.29 5.37

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Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered investment advice.

ETF Description & Information //

The FormulaFolios Smart Growth ETF seeks to achieve capital growth by investing primarily in domestic and foreign growth-oriented equity securities of various market capitalizations, with the ability to hedge using US Treasuries through other unaffiliated exchange traded funds. This Fund uses a proprietary investment screen composed of numerous technical, economic, sentiment, and market breadth indicators to analyze macroeconomic conditions in order to determine the strength of broad growth and equity markets. The Fund will generally be 100% invested in growth-oriented ETFs when the investment screen indicates a bullish trend for broad growth markets, and will generally be 50% invested in growth-oriented equity ETFs and 50% invested in US Treasuries to hedge risk when the investment screen indicates a bearish trend for broad growth markets.