A Smarter Way to Invest®

We work with financial professionals and individual investors to provide a rules based investment strategy focused on identifying US equities with strong financial statements and industry leadership.

The model that powers our strategy removes emotions from the investing process, allowing investors to focus on long term benefits of being a diversified, growth oriented investor.

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FormulaFolios has found that controlling emotions as an investor can be the most important factor in long term investing success. Our work is rooted in research, which is then used to build 100% mechanical investing models. By removing investing prejudices with our model based approach, we feel investors can substantially increase their probability of success.

Mark DiOrio

Mr. DiOrio is the Chief Investment Officer for FormulaFolio Investments and Brookstone Capital Management LLC, an affiliated firm. In his role, he leads the firm’s investment committee and drives the firm’s investment policy framework and portfolio construction methodology.


Mark directs research on external managers and develops internal strategies.  He produces and presents content for advisor training, a weekly Market Watch update, and the firm’s quarterly market reports.  Prior to joining Brookstone, he was responsible for launching and managing an investment subsidiary of a publicly traded regional bank holding company. While there, Mark ran a global tactical asset allocation strategy and accumulated an 8 year GIPS® compliant track record. Mark has 20 years of investment industry experience, including 10 years of senior level management responsibility. He has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily and quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Mark received his MBA from Benedictine University, his BA from Eastern Illinois University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Mark is a member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Chicago.