A Smarter Way to Invest®

We work with financial professionals and individual investors to provide a rules based investment strategy focused on identifying US equities with strong financial statements and industry leadership.

The model that powers our strategy removes emotions from the investing process, allowing investors to focus on long term benefits of being a diversified, growth oriented investor.

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FormulaFolios has found that controlling emotions as an investor can be the most important factor in long term investing success. Our work is rooted in research, which is then used to build 100% mechanical investing models. By removing investing prejudices with our model based approach, we feel investors can substantially increase their probability of success.

Jason Wenk

Jason Wenk is the founder of FormulaFolio Investments. Prior to FormulaFolios, he worked for Morgan Stanley, and also founded Retirement Wealth Advisors (an SEC Registered Investment Advisor) in 2002.


While building portfolios for private clients at Retirement Wealth Advisors, FormulaFolios were first developed. In addition to his work with FormulaFolios and Retirement Wealth Advisors, Jason writes a popular investing blog that is followed by thousands of individual and professional investors from around the world.

Derek Prusa

Mr. Prusa is the Senior Market Analyst for FormulaFolio Investments where he works diligently to research and monitor financial market conditions and select the best investment strategies for each of FormulaFolios’ proprietary models. Mr. Prusa also provides valuable insight to the affiliated advisors and clients of FormulaFolios by producing accessible and understandable weekly, monthly, and quarterly market commentary summaries.


Mr. Prusa graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ferris State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Investment Finance. He received the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key as well as the College of Business Student Excellence Award for his academic accomplishments. Since joining the FormulaFolios team in 2014, Mr. Prusa received his CFP designation and became a CFA charterholder. In 2015 he was named in LifeHealthPro’s 30 under 30.